Winemaker for A Week

Oct 02, 2013

How the rest of Janelle's week went.

Overall it was just a fascinating week.  Every day and every winery was a unique learning experience. It's hard to detail all that I learned, but I really did enjoy getting to learn more about how the wine makers use chemistry at Knapp and King Ferry to determine their next step in the wine making process and the steps involved from selecting the right clusters of fruit to pick, to squeezing the juice out in a presser and placing it into it's container(barrels or stainless steel drums) for fermentation. All the wineries were wonderful in letting me "get my hands dirty" from punching down the caps on the red grapes in bins at Long Point Winery to picking Cayuga White grapes by hand at Six Mile Creek. The last day at Americana was a great end to the week as I was able to become a pourer at their tasting counter and learn about the retail end of the spectrum of the wineries. You truly get a sense that all of the staff at each of these wineries have a passion for what they do and that they love to share that with everyone they come in contact with.

Janelle Toner-Drach is our 2013 winner of the Winemaker for a Week Contest. On Monday she was at King Ferry Winery with winemaker Lindsay and on Tuesday she was working  with Gary owner and winemaker at Long Point Winery.  Today 10/2 she is here at Knapp Winery riding the Harvester as they harvest their  Riesling. 

Here is her take on the past two days:

"My first two days have been terrific.  Everyone at each of the wineries has been very gracious and inviting. Their enthusiasm and excitement for their jobs is contagious and I've learned so much in just a short amount of time.  Every little detail in wine making is so important and just little nuances made to each batch of grapes can make such a unique result from the same type of grape. It might sounds silly to say but, I feel like a bottle of wine is like a snowflake, no two are exactly the same and that is what make the process of wine making so intriguing".