Updates from the Trail Office

Aug 25, 2016

What’s going on in the office, you ask? Lots! We’re gearing up for the busy fall season which means harvest in the vineyards while the tasting rooms are bustling as leaf-peepers flood the region from all corners of the world. Imagine a college campus hosting a festival highlighting pumpkin-flavored everything… and that is how busy the wineries can get on the beautiful autumn weekends. For Kathy and me, it means lots of photos and videos to be taken for use in promotional materials, a sudden increase in ticket sales and lots of phone calls asking which restaurant the caller’s group should visit on their tour.

Speaking of events, we’ve already sold a fair amount of Holiday Shopping Spree tickets. The 23rd Annual is set for November 18-20 and December 2-4. Weekend tickets include a food nibble and 4 wine samples at each of our 16 member wineries, which can be visited in any order throughout the timeframe of the event. On Friday November 18th and December 2nd, the member wineries located further away from the rest are open from 1-4pm to allow everyone a little more travel time. We like extend the visitation period for Montezuma, Long Point, Treleaven and Six Mile Creek wineries so that more people have time for their trip around the lake. If there’s one challenge associated with being located on the longest of the Finger Lakes, it’s the challenge of getting our guests to make the trip to our members on the opposite end of the lake to try the unique wines and award-winning spirits at both Montezuma and Six Mile Creek. I assure you, both are well worth the drive!

As for driving, have you downloaded the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail mobile app yet? I highly encourage you to for easy access to our event calendar, winery hours (since they will soon be changing with the seasons), concerts and turn-by-turn navigation to all our wineries and partners. It’s available on both Apple and Android devices. A fun fact, we just wrapped up a short, 15 second commercial that will air on YouTube to promote the Trail and our app. That was fun!

Another tool to aid your travels is the Vino Visa Coupon Book. It’s a $15 book chock full of over $300 worth of discounts for the wineries as well as many of our partnering accommodations and attractions. It’s valid throughout the end of the year, so feel free to use it for multiple visits. It’s available at cayugawinetrail.com/store or by calling the office. Most of the wineries have them for sale upon request as well.

Oh, and I should mention, that if you attended any of our Spring events this year and were unable to find a shirt in your size, we now have the entire inventory here at the office, so contact us and we’ll be able to hook you up with the shirt you were looking for!

We’re also currently teaming up with our graphic designers for the 2017 Map & Guide. The printed piece will be available by the first weekend of Holiday Shopping Spree. Stay tuned, too, for the release of 2017 Season Pass tickets. They will be available shortly. Next year’s event dates are already up on the website! Until next time, folks!

Cassandra Harrington is the executive director of the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail. To learn more, visit cayugawinetrail.com.