25th Annual Wine & Herb Festival

Location ALL 16 WINERIES
April 28-30
April 28-30 Tickets
April Starting Point
April Starting Day
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May 5-7
May 5-7 Tickets
May Starting Point
May Starting Day
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Price at the Door
  • Single $50.00
  • Couple $70.00

If you don't see a winery listed, that means it's sold out as a starting point. If you're ordering for this weekend, April 28-30, your name will be at the door to pick up your tickets when you get there.

April 28-30 or May 5-7

Drink. Eat. Garden Repeat. Get a head start on your herb garden. Collect the potted herbs and veggies featured in all 16 food samples along with the matching recipe collection..

As you savor herb-prepared cuisine, you’ll be offered a wine that compliments that dish and be able to take home the recipes, so that you can be the highlight at your next get together. You’ll also be offered up to 3 additional wine tastings.

Herb and Veggies include: Jalapeno Pepper, Marjoram, Iceberg Lettuce, Cilantro, Parsley, Sweet 100s Tomato, Oregano, Celery, Dill, Sage, Roma Tomato, Lavender, Sweet Banana Pepper, Meatball Eggplant, Basil and Chives.

At the end of the event, hand in your ticket to be eligible to win one of our Grand Prizes:

The Hotel Ithaca
Deerhead Lakeside Restaurant & Bar
Cobtree Vacation Rental Resort
La Tourelle
Cayuga Lake Cabins
34 State "Historic Luxury Suites"
10 Fitch Luxurious Romantic Inn
Finger Lakes Wine Fest
Experience! The Finger Lakes

Event Hours:

Friday 1-5pm, the following wineries are participating:
Long Point
Six Mile Creek

Saturday 10-6pm, ALL 16 wineries are participating.
Sunday 10-6pm, ALL 16 wineries are participating.

On Saturday, you can start at 9am at Six Mile Creek, Treleaven and Long Point wineries only.


Each ticket is good for the whole weekend, to visit each winery once.

Single tickets are $45 (plus tax and s&h) and includes:

Couples tickets are $65 (plus tax and s&h) and include: 

Discounted designated driver tickets are available. The DD gets all the same perks as a regular ticket, minus the wine.  They also get a DD travel mug, rather than a wine glass. $22.50 for a single (plus tax and s&h), $52.50 for a couple (plus tax and s&h). A couple’s DD ticket consists of one person who drinks and one person who does not.

Be sure to buy your tickets early, we have a limited amount available per weekend.

Tickets can also be purchased by calling 800-684-5217.

Packages that offer tickets, transportation and accommodations are also available.

When ordering tickets, will you be asked to choose a specific starting point. This is where you’ll start the event and be given your wine glass(es), plant carrier, garden plan and the front, back and ring to your recipe collection.

If you’re part of a large group (15+), we ask that you contact the office prior to ordering your tickets; to be sure the whole group can be accommodated at a starting point. If you purchased your ticket separately from your group, please notify the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail office at 800-684-5217 or info@cayugawinetrail.com so we can make sure that you have the same starting point.

For large groups, we also offer itineraries to ensure smooth flow of the buses and the smaller groups throughout the day. Please contact the trail office to order your tickets and get your itinerary started.

We reserve the right to limit the number of large groups purchasing tickets.

Tickets to our events CANNOT be REFUNDED.

Tickets ordered for April 28-30 weekend after 4/24/17 will not be mailed out. TIckets ordered for May 5-7 weekend after 5/1/17 will also not be mailed out.They will be available for pick-up at your designated starting winery.

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