Knapp Winery & Vineyard Restaurant, Garlic: The Main Event Wine Dinner

Aug 16
6:30 PM-10:00 PM

Location Knapp Winery & Vineyard Restaurant
Address 2770 County Rd 128 (Ernsberger Rd), Romulus, NY 14541

Garlic is the main event in this delightful and savory dinner.  Our chef will marinate it, broil it, sauté it, infuse it, and mix it, promising an aromatic experience.  Garlic aficionados will be impressed by the carefully selected varieties of garlic.  For those of you that might shy away from such a delightful meal, you may consider that ole folks have always thought garlic to be the “wonder drug” and has been reported to cure everything from the common cold to the “plague."  Plus, it does keep vampires away.  This five course dinner will be paired beautifully with premium wines from Knapp Winery, Zugibe Vineyards and Glenora Wine Cellars. Please purchase your tickets on line to reserve your spot.