KNAPP WINERY, Sailors Delight, Everyone Wear White Wine Dinner

Jul 13
6:30 PM

Location Knapp Winery
Address 2770 County RD 128 (Ernsberger RD) Romulus 14541

Red sky at night, sailors delight, red sky in morning sailors warning. Sailors feast promises to be quite the wine dinner treat!  Poseidon will be proud.  Hard not to give-away the main ingredient for this event, but think cod, turbot, bass,  and snapper.  Your plates will be loaded with seafood with accompanying side dishes that include ingredients from the bounty of the seas.   This extravagant meal will be paired with premium wines from Knapp Winery, Zugibe Vineyards and Glenora Wine Cellar wines.   Please call and make your reservations 800.869.9271

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