Kitchen Theatre Company

Location Kitchen Theatre Company
Address 417 W State/W MLK, Jr. St, Ithaca, New York 14850

Three Week Solo Performance Festival
March 25–April 12, 2015

Lorraine Rodriguez-Reyes
In Mami Confessions, writer, actress and producer Lorraine Rodriguez-Reyes tells true stories of Mamihood from the Dolor-itos to the Faja-bulous, collected after the birth of her first child.

Darian Dauchan
Playwright, poet, and actor Darian Dauchan performs Black Sheep, his brilliantly devised new work. Darian has dazzled audiences in The Whipping Man, The Brothers Size and his solo pieces, Media Madness and Entertainers Eulogy. In Black Sheep, he challenges what is commonly accepted and puts the unexpected at center stage.

Michelle Courtney Berry & Ryan Hope Travis
Two upstate New York solo artists share an evening. Michelle Courtney Berry returns to the Kitchen with Mother Land, a richly-sewn quilt of stories and hilarious tales about such life-altering events as interracial marriage, motherhood, elder care, a recent trip to Africa and everything else in between. In A Shout in Salty Water, Ryan Hope Travis (Steven in KTC’s world premiere of Slashes of Light) looks at the inside stories of fathers who abandon their sons.


Swimming in the Shallows
By Adam Bock
Apr 29 - May 17, 2015

A lesbian wedding is in the works, if only Donna can stop smoking. Married couple Barb and Bob are heading toward Splitzville. She wants to pair down, he wants to accumulate. And, Nick wants to stop bed-hopping and settle down, if only he can find the right partner. A brilliant comedy for five humans and one shark.


Thin Walls
By Alice Eve Cohen
June 10 - 28. 2015

Writer/performer Alice Eve Cohen returns to the Kitchen in a tale of big-city life and cultures colliding. A drug dealer and his haunted wife, a Polish handy-man, a Trinidadian beautician, a one-time hippy turned banker and his teenaged son, and a young Israeli cellist, are all living in a once-elegant, now run-down NYC residential hotel that is now Alice's new home. KTC audiences loved Alice’s What I Thought I Knew on our 2012-13 Season. You will love this one too!