Knapp Winery & Vineyard Restaurant, Lavish Shellfish Wine Dinner

Jul 18
6:30 PM-10:00 PM

Location Knapp Winery & Vineyard Restaurant
Address 2770 County Rd 128 (Ernsberger Rd), Romulus, NY 14541

“In the middle of ancient Italy's really hot and dry summer season, when rivers were low and water was most scarce, Romans sought Neptune's protection of irrigation waters and works. To do this, they went out to the fields and forests and built small huts called umbrae (shades) or tabernaculi (tabernacles) out of leafy Laurel (Bay) branches. Within the shade of these natural tents they would picnic outdoors, drinking spring water as well as wine to keep cool in these hot summer days.” ( Our own version of a Neptunalia Festival consists of a shellfish extravaganza! Shrimp, Lobster, Crab, Clams, Oysters, Mussells—Wow this is a seafood party fit for Neptune AND Poseidon. Whether steamed, broiled, charred and sauced in our kitchen this is a wine dinner fit for a king/queen. This five course dinner will be paired beautifully with premium wines from Knapp Winery, Chateau LaFayette Reneau Wine Cellars, Zugibe Vineyards and Glenora Wine Cellars. Visit to purchase tickets!