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Dry Riesling

Americana Vineyards – Dry Riesling:  A dry, crisp wine with aromatic hints of flowers and fruits, finishing with flavors of pear and apple.  Perfect for celebrations and pairs nicely with about any type of food.  0.7% RS; 11.5% ABV; $15.99

Lucas Vineyards – 2011 Dry Riesling: Full floral aromas mingle with tart peaches, lime and mineral characteristics.  1.0% RS $13.99

Montezuma Winery – 2012 Riesling:  Dry, lively notes of citrus and stone fruit with a pleasing minerality. 0.25% RS $13.99

Swedish Hill Winery – 2012 Dry Riesling:  A drier style Riesling with elegant floral aromas and a clean crisp finish.  0.8% RS $15.99

Toro Run Winery – 2012 Dry Riesling:  Wonderful, fruity characteristics as its sister wine, this Riesling finishes with an ever-so-slight dryness that the wine maker has intended to achieve.  WOW!  0.9% RS; 12.0% ABV; $17.95

Varick Winery & Vineyard – Dry Riesling 2013:  A rich and complex wine with a refreshing finish.  Hints of vanilla blossoms on the nose give way to tangerine and lemon custard, with an undercurrent of minerality.  0.8% RS $12.99


Semi-Dry Riesling

Buttonwood Grove Winery – 2012 Semi-Dry Riesling:  Juicy peach and apricot flavors with a clean, crisp finish.  3.1% RS $15.99

Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery – 2012 Riesling:  Distinct Riesling with luscious notes of honey and peach.  1.5% RS; 12.75% ABV; $18.00

Hosmer Winery – 2012 Riesling:  This wine is layered with aromas of white clover, buckwheat fields and sun ripened apricots.  It leads the palate to honest flavors of honey crisp apples, kefir lime and tangerines.  2.5% RS $15.00

Six Mile Creek Vineyard – Riesling 2013:  A beautifully balanced example of this Finger Lakes favorite.  A delicate floral aroma together with melon and flinty flavors linger in a long, persistent finish.  1.2% RS; 12.5% ABV; $15.99

Thirsty Owl Wine Company – 2013 Riesling:  Fruit forward, with notes of peach and plum, and a bright, clean finish.  1.5% RS; 11% ABV; $14.95

King Ferry Winery – 2012 Semi-Dry Riesling:  Aromas of ripe peach, apricot and honeysuckle.  Pear and passion fruit mid-palate.  Well balanced and always crisp and refreshing.  3.5% RS $14.99


Price: $185.82 plus shipping and tax

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Purchase your special Sampler Case of Cayuga Lake Wine Trail wines today!


Your case will contain one bottle of each wine listed below.  To order, click here.


Americana Vineyards – Baco Noir:  A medium-bodied, deep red burgundy with hints of dark cherries, raspberries and a smooth peppery finish.  1.7% RS; 10.8% ABV; $15.99

Buttonwood Grove – Trillium:  Our popular sipping wine!  A blend of Cayuga White, Melody & Riesling with a lively combination of citrus flavors and hints of fresh pineapple.  4.0% RS; 12.0% ABV; $10.99

Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery – Cayuga Cuvée Red:  Dry, Cabernet Franc & Sauvignon plus Chancellor, smooth, with rich berry character.  0.0% RS; $15.00

Hosmer Winery – 2013 Chardonnay:  Highly aromatic with lifted Meyer lemon, coriander and pineapple on the nose.  The palate is bright and creamy with mineral flavors filling the finish with a solid and weighty texture.  0.0% RS; 13.1% ABV; $14.00

Knapp Winery – Pasta Red Reserve:  A rich, complex red wine with pleasant fruit flavors and a touch of American oak.  It has a full body with an off-dry finish.  1.3% RS; 12.0% ABV; $10.95

Montezuma Winery – Cranberry Bog:  Our almost world famous cranberry wine has a unique cranberry nose.  This wine starts sweet but quickly balances out and leaves you with a distinctive tartness that is the signature of the cranberry.  10.5% RS; 11.0% ABV; $12.99

Six Mile Creek – Vignoles 2013:  A cascade of aromas featuring grapefruit, apricot, honey and vanilla lead to delectable flavors of the same.  A rare example of this French hybrid produced in a dryer style.  Six Mile Creek's Signature wine.  1.3% RS; 12.5% ABV; $14.99

Swedish Hill Winery – Blue Waters Gewürztraminer:  This luscious semi-dry Gewürztraminer strikes a delicate balance of spice, floral notes and fruitiness.  1.8% RS; 12.5% ABV; $13.99

Thirsty Owl Wine Company – Lot 99:  A “Revolutionary” wine. 65% Chancellor, 35% Pinot Noir. Plummy and smooth with oak accents and a lasting finish.  0.2% RS; 12.3% ABV; $13.95

Toro Run Winery – 2011 Ferro:  Complex on the nose with hints of black currant, chocolate and cloves round out this wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot.  0.0% RS; 12.0% ABV; $17.95

King Ferry Winery – Chardonnay 2011:  Beginning with light smoky aromas of praline and a mild but tantalizing toffee essence on the nose.  Moving on to tangy lemon and citrus notes mid-palate.  Toasted almond accents the finish.  0.1% RS; 11.0% ABV; $14.99

Varick Winery & Vineyard – Seyval Blanc 2013:  A crisp, clean dry wine with delicate citrus highlights.  0.6% R.S.; 11.5% ABV; $13.99


Price: $169.78 plus shipping and tax

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